Our quality policy :

Your satisfaction is our priority. Fontvieille Tourist Office is committed to offer the best quality of services to all of its visitors:

- Offer you a comfortable and pleasant space with the ability to welcome people with disabilities.
- To provide you with competent and attentive staff.
- Deliver clear, precise and up-to-date information and provide free and up-to-date, documentation on accommodation, places of interest, leisure activities and events.
- Provide information in several foreign languages, including English.
- Propose opening hours adapted to the tourism season and display and communicate the opening hours.
- Answer your phone calls, your letters and e-mails with care and rapidity.
- Train the staff and facilitate the integration of the new incomers (trainees, non-permanent employees ...).
- Develop partnerships with the socio-professionals.
- To provide a consultation space offering free Wi-Fi access, provision of a digital tablet, furniture to sit down on, as well as the electrical outlets to recharge your digital devices.
- Propose an information service incorporating the new technologies of information and communication (mobile internet site, social networks...).
- Let our visitors speak so that they contribute to the continuous improvement of our services, and implement the necessary corrective actions.

To provide quality services to our partners, we are committed to:

- Structure, qualify, promote and sell the tourist offer of the territory.
- Monitor the reputation of the territory and work towards its increase.
- Value the local resources.
- Provide collaborative action to boost economic activity in the territory.
- Give to every partner the tools allowing him (her) to inform his (her) client.
- Work with local and regional tourist networks.


Our Ranking:

Fontvieille Tourist Office is classified in category 1 and is committed to:

  • Provide an easily accessible information centre and welcome desk.
  • Help you with your requests.
  • Provide you with a seating area.
  • Provide you with free information on local tourist facilities.
  • Publicise our opening hours in at least two foreign languages.
  • Provide free WiFi access.
  • Remain open at least 240 days per year including Saturday and Sunday during the tourist season or for events.
  • Reply to your mail throughout the year.
  • Provide printed tourist maps and guides.
  • Provide access to a special trilingual website which can be accessed using mobile devices.
  • Provide printed tourist information translated in at least 2 foreign languages on the following:

― all rated tourist accommodation including the establishment’s name, address, email, website, telephone number and rating;

― monuments and tourist sites (cultural, natural or leisure) including prices, opening dates and times, website, telephone numbers and address;

― events and entertainment;

― emergency contact numbers.

  • Update tourist information every year.
  • Display emergency phone numbers on the exterior of the building.
  • Provide information on all tourist facilities in the area, for all types of visitors.
  • Provide access to information about the availability of rated accommodation.
  • Provide a tourist information service that combines new information technology and communication technologies (social networks, mobile phones, geolocalisation etc…).
  • Meet the standards of the Marque Qualité Tourisme™ charter.
  • Provide access to a tourist information advisor.
  • Ensure that information about local tourism activities is reliable and up-to-date.